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Fashionable Ways To Wear Equipment Tops

In this article, I want to talk about one of my favorite clothing brand – Equipment. Equipment clothing transforms a men’s classic into an item of women’s clothing with glam appeal. Equipment tops are characterized by its refined tailoring and timeless appeal. It quickly became a recognized name amongst the fashion elite back in 1975 and is making its comeback under new management. Many designers and fashionistas say that Equipment tops are definitely the must see item in your wardrobe because styling it has endless possibilities For that being said, here are some of my favorite fashionable ways you can wear your equipment tops.

– Top any outfit with a preppy button-down shirt and you’ll ooze scholastic chic. Pair it with tailored pants for a sophisticated look or a skirt to keep it girly.

– Wear it with a pencil skirt and tucked it in. This will bring you the professional chic look.

– Slip on a thin windbreaker to beat the early-morning drizzles and add a chic twist to your outfit. Not only does it add an extra layer of warmth, but it also doubles the coolness of any dress.

– Be ahead of the trend by reaching for camel colored-colored jeans instead of your trusty blue skinnies. Classic khaki looks chic with neutrals, but looks every bit as awesome with layers of bright colors.

– There’s no doubt about it: maxi skirts are here to stay. Rock a floor-grazing number and pair your button down shirts with a maxi dress for a very boho look.

– For a fun take on the classic blazer, choose a piece in a bold color. Toss a statement jacket over your go-to jeans, favorite shorts, or floral sundresses instantly spunky outfit.

– Put a pep in your step by slipping into a pair of menswear-inspired oxford shoes. They add a twist to a feminine dress, or wear them with tailored trousers for a borrowed-from-the-boys style.

– Inject a taste of menswear into your wardrobe by topping an outfit off with a simple double-breasted jacket, whether it’s a take on the blazer or trench.

– Tie the tails of your favorite button-down for a quick way to show off a circle skirt. It’s a great way to give an oversized shirt a stylish shape.

– Buckle on a stylish waist-cinching statement belt this fall. Those thick fabulous belts work the best. It’ll work equally well over a shirt dress worn alone as it will over a long button down shirt and jeans!

– Pleated skirts aren’t just for elementary schoolgirls anymore; the style has matured to the fashion big-leagues. Play up the retro feel with ladylike accessories. Pair your button down shirts with these skirts.

– Keep cozy in a light sweater—try a crochet knit for a look that’s both bold and breezy.

– Top a girly or casual outfit with a denim workshirt for a cool way to dress it down. Try a faded tint for a vintage vibe.

These are just some of the ways you can rock your Equipment tops. There are absolutely more – that is why I love the brand. Experiment. You’ll be surprised how great you look! Shop for Equipment tops today. Now that it is back on the market, Equipment tops are set to be a style staple for Spring 2012 and US women’s shirt specialists and fashionistas say that Equipment is tipped to be the choice brand again for years.


Equipment Tops – My Favorite Top

There’s no denying that Equipment had been a fashion staple. That is why it’s my mom’s favorite and is now my favorite as well.  Christian restoin established this brand way back in 1975. Drawing his inspiration from american films of the 50s, from stars such as katherine hepburn and lauren bacall (who became one of his clients): the menswear inspired shirts became a worldwide success. committed to maintaining the quality and simplicity of the brand, restoin chose to specialize in shirts and nothing but shirts, – letting the product speak for itself rather than laboring under delusions of grandeur. but after enjoying twenty years of the brands success, restoin moved on, wishing to pursue another phase of his career. In 2011, the brand had made it’s come back and is now manage by Serge Azria.


In the short time since the brand’s re-launch, Equipment has gained a prominent presence in some of the most prestigious retail locations around the world. Te brand has once again, forged itself as a stronghold in fashion world and celebrities and commoners alike loves to wear it. Whether you are wearing premium denim or sitting alongside couture, Equipment’s versatility and strength is ever-present. And speaking of versatility, I can testify that when you are styling equipment tops, the possibilities are endless. Here are some of my favorite ways to wear my favorite top.


–    Start with: a classic oxford basic that will make you look very professional. Pair your button down shirt with a pencil skirt, complete with open high heel sandals and some huge necklace for accessories (pearl works best).

–    Dress it up with florals: Pair your button down shirt with a floral string dress and some floral slippers and accessories.

–    Get sporty with cargos: Show your husband that supporting his team at the ballpark doesn’t have to include wearing his smelly old jersey. Wear cargo pants together with your button down shirt. You can also top it up with a boho wrap. This look is manly enough but still has the touch of women style in it.

–    Add some sparkle: A sequined tank above your button down shirts can make wonder. Pair it with skinny jeans and some sequined or shiny heels too.

–    Take it to the beach: many celebrities and fashionistas are doing these. So why don’t you? Button down shirts are veery popular in the beach as women wear them on top of their swimwear. Now you can nail that effortless beach-chic look while still covering up.

–    Go preppy:Achieve that preppy look by wearing your button down shirt underneath a knitted sweater and making sure that the collar and other parts of the shirts still pop up. Pair it with s preppy mini skirt or shorts and a pair of comfortable flat shoes or slippers.

–    Brighten up with a blazer: look brainy but not boring by paring your button down shirts with a bright colored blazer.


Equipment withstand the test of time and it will definitely be around for a long time now. Shop Equipment tops today and I’m sure that it will be your favorite top too.

Tips on Wearing Equipment Tops

Katharine Hepburn and Lauren Bacall had been crazy about it! Nowadays Lauren Conrad, Kim Kardashian and other celebrities are rocking it. I’m talking about Equipment tops. If you want to know how to wear a button down shirt like Equipment tops without looking as though you’re about to enter a corporate meeting, read on. A button down shirt can provide stylish and elegant appeal when worn right. So get your Equipment shirt (or shop for it if you have none), spice it up and step out looking chic and sassy.


First things first – how to choose your Equipment tops:

•    It should fit and flatter – not bag, pull or burst at the seams. Button down shirts are larger than other women tops but that doesn’t mean that you need to pick a very large one.

•    White – or not? That is your choice. The rule of thumb is pick the color/s that suit you, your complexion and personality. Button down shirts come in a wide variety of colors. White is just the most commonly known

•    Sleeves – should you or shouldn’t you? Decide on what you’re wearing the shirt for. Short sleeves are summery, cooler and more casual looking. Long sleeves can lend a dramatic edge, though there’s always the ability to turn up the cuffs

•    Long or short? The rule goes like this: if you’re wearing a jacket, the shirt shouldn’t hang lower than the jacket hem. If not, tunic length is fine


The above are the basic rules to consider when purchasing Equipment tops. Now let’s talk about how to wear your button down Equipment shirt! You can wear button down shirt in these ways:

•    With a vest over the top

•    Open, with a matching or completely contrasting rocking it tee underneath

•    Belt up. A waist cinch in with a fab belt looks good. Make sure it is tucked in and a pencil skirt is a perfect match for it.

•    With chunky costume jewelry at the neck and wrists. Bling up a plain colored shirt – accessorize all the way

•    With a dress. You can put it underneath the dress or as a blazer over the dress. It’s up to you.


There are many ways in which to wear these popular Equipment tops and you’re only limited by your imagination. They really are incredibly easy to wear and today’s trends mean that they’re an extremely flexible wardrobe piece. I already have one in white and another one in snakeskin pink. It is indeed gorgeous. I’ve worn it with jeans as a rule. A pair of flats, a bag and that’s it. On occasion I’ve worn it with a pencil skirt – which works equally as well. So shop for your Equipment tops today and be a part of the staple fashion line.

10 Ways To Wear Your Equipment Tops

Back in the 1970’s, Christian Restoin introduced menswear style shirts into women’s wardrobes. And this is the where button down shirts had emerged. Button down shirts are shirts with buttons down the front. Full collared and cuffed sleeves. Nothing too complicated, semi-tailored, unfussy and elegant. Every lady had been on the craze to buy button down shirts and you wouldn’t know anyone – celebrity or otherwise that does not own Equipment tops. Today button down shirts are making its comeback and more and more women says that their wardrobe is incomplete without it. So take a look as we experiment different ways to wear our equipment tops. We will offer up a hefty dose of button-down inspiration with 10 knockout ensembles you can easily re-create.

1. Dress for Success – Wear a long sleeve button down shirt underneath a bright color sleeveless dress and your dress can have that extra impact you’ve been looking for.

2. Get Boho tied – Wear a long sleeve button down shirt with a maxi skirt. Make a knot tie with your shirt too to make it look more boho. Finish with earthly accessories – wooden or beaded.

3. Pencil it in – Wear a long sleeve button down shirt with a pencil skirt. Tuck it in and finish with a nice sleek belt to bring out the professional look in you.

4. Load up on leather – a leather blazer and leather pants will make a good pair for your button down shirt. Finish with a leather bag too.

5. Perfect your Prep – Wear a long sleeve button down shirt underneath a long sleeve sweater and make sure that the collar goes outside. Pair it with a preppy mini skirt and the perfect preppy look will be achieved.

6. Pair the colors up. – Plainly wear your button down shirt and pair it with pants that match its color but with a lighter or darker shade. Make sure your bags, shoes and accessories are on the same colors too but in different shades I remind.

7. Skinny Jeans – Wear a long sleeve button down shirt with a skinny jeans and high heel pump shoes and tuck it in. Finish with some bold necklace accessories like pearl that goes down the neckline and above your chest.

8. Tux up – Wear a long sleeve button down shirt with a tuxedo and you can achieve a popular look celebrities had been sporting in almost every red carpet..

9. Blazing Up – Wear it with a blazer. Any shirts can add up spice with some blazers.

10. Make it Metallic or Shiny – Wear it with a pair of metallic blazers and pants. It can also be sparkling or sequin to live up the day and steal the spotlight!

Equipment tops are classic closet staple and the perfect canvas for a variety of truly chic looks. It is a brand that will never go out of style. From office appropriate with a pencil skirt to tied up with a maxi or worn with a bit of menswear flair (can also be with a necktie),it can offer you the looks and styles you’ve always wanted. So shop for equipment tops now and style your way fashionistas! The possibilities are endless when you have equipment tops on you.

Why Should You Invest in Equipment Tops

It is a fact of life in this modern age that women spend thousands of dollars over blouses and tops, but the question is, are these money well spent? Women are known to update their wardrobes more often than men and when updating these wardrobes of theirs, it is only right that they stock up on only the right clothes.

When a woman invests in Equipment tops, she gets more than just a top – she gets style too!
Equipment tops vary from their ever popular signature shirts down to feminine ribbon blouses and other button-down shirts.

Equipment tops are known to be very versatile, which means it can probably match whatever outfit you have and whatever style you prefer. Whether you want to go casual or even a rather formal event, it is very easy to tweak an outfit with Equipment tops. Being able to wear your top in several events is a good thing since you won’t have to buy so many tops for different events.

The variety of designs and styles available is quite extensive and any woman will definitely find something that she can wear just by looking at the array of tops available from this brand.

When it comes to popularity and fashion style, Equipment tops have been popular for decades because of their revolutionary style that changed men’s shirts for women forever. They were the one who introduced the trend of wearing boyfriend’s shirts for that lovely silhouette that is sizzling sexy for the woman. Oversized shirts have become popular and are a signature style from this brand that has survived for decades.

Today, you will not only find oversized shirts, but they have also incorporated the design to cardigans and sweaters. You can go ahead and take a look at their website equipmentfr.com for the wonderfully designed tops.

Aside from delicious solid colors in shirts, their prints are also worth looking into because they range from the psychedelic to the whimsical and down to the romantic. Women will definitely get a range of selection here. These tops can help you mold into different popular styles of today like the Tomboy style or the androgynous look, a professional look, or a more laidback casual look if desired.

You can also go and wear these tops at the office because their button-down shirts fit the women’s body and compliments it well.

Equipment Tops for the Casual Woman

The reason why women should always go for casual look is because it is perhaps the easiest, most convenient, and most versatile look to pull off. Speaking of versatility and convenience, Equipment tops are the most wanted clothes for the casual look because of its characteristics that rhymes synonymously with the casual look.

Equipment tops to begin with have varying designs that can fill a woman’s wardrobe, they have intense colors that truly catch the eye but is not too much on the vision and when it comes to prints and patterns, they have intriguing and funky designs that would capture any woman’s tastes.

Casual looks are welcome to almost any where you go, Equipment tops are the epitome of the casual look and the great thing about it is that it can either be street looking to a rather lose and comfortable casual look.

Out for Brunch
Women can easily slip into any Equipment tops that has a bright color or a rather loud and pronounced design, the perfect print would be a floral print for this occasion. Equipment tops can be paired pants or shorts or even skirts! For a very laidback and comfortable pair, why not go for shorts? Your footwear can either be a pair of flat sandals or if you need some added inches, you can go with wedges. Depending on your personal style, you can define it just by wearing accessories. Earrings, bracelets, and others can go well with this look. Just make sure that it compliments your outfit and taste.

Dinner Date
You can show your femininity with simple Equipment tops that has ribbons in front of the shirt. These ribbons are rather easy to tie and are big enough to be noticed but not too big to get in the way. There are also printed or patterned tops like this in the store and you can check them out online. The ribbon front tops are great to be paired with trousers too, if your dinner date is in a rather fancy restaurant, be confident and brave to walk in wearing a ribbon front shirt, trousers and blazer. If you want to intimidate your date, wear heeled shoes and a fierce make up, show your date who’s boss and if he can handle a woman like you.

Equipment tops have varying designs and styles, go ahead and purchase one for your wardrobe now.

Equipment Tops as Gifts

Thinking of a gift for your friend, girlfriend or wife? If you think that she has a thing for fashion and is always up to date with the latest trends then it is only wise to give her a few Equipment tops as gifts no matter the occasion.

Equipment tops are safe options to give as gifts because they are on top of the fashion food-chain. Women keep a lot of blouses and shirts in their wardrobe, giving them something that would update their wardrobe are always nice. Equipment tops have an array of available clothes to choose from.

A better way to give them as gifts is to know what kind of woman you want to give the gift to. What you should do is, if you can, take a look at her wardrobe or closet. Take notice of which color is more dominant. Do you see a lot of red? A lot of black or a lot of white? Are they mostly whites and black? The pattern is also important so don’t forget to take note of these. Knowing her favorite color can also help you when choosing Equipment tops to give as gifts.

If you see a lot of red, then perhaps choosing a top from the Equipment store that has the same shade is a safe choice. If she has a lot of plaid, then get her a top that has funky plaid as pattern. Knowing the girl you want to give something to will always be a plus.

If you know that your girl is adventurous and is willing to try something new then get something that is not in her wardrobe. If she doesn’t have polka-dotted shirts then get her one. Equipment tops with polka-dots are wonderfully designed and there’s a selection to choose from. Having more items in her wardrobe to choose from will make her a happy girl and will make her try new things, perhaps she’ll get to learn a new style or look.

Equipment also have pajama sets and their pajama tops are definitely a good buy because they are made out of good quality fabric and feels absolutely gorgeous on the skin. If you want her to get some good Zzzs then why not get her the pajama set? It comes in stripes and even leopard prints, in shorts or pajama trousers too.

Equipment tops make a great gift to any woman out there, go ahead and buy your girl a gift from Equipment now!