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Boho Sweaters at Johnny Was

If you think the Bohemian look is for summer only, then you are wrong. It had just begun when winter steps in. With the right accessories and right layering you can easily achieve the perfect look this winter by going boho. So are you looking for fashionable clothes to wear this cold winter? Then you have to start looking for boho sweaters that can make you be in-style effortlessly.

Your boho sweaters can be paired with some shorts and ugg boots, then bring your hair with a side ponytail or two braids for a more stylish appearance. If it’s too cool for that style, you can the dress and pair your sweaters with jeans or leggings and pair it with nice pumps instead. You can also wear a belt around your waist to add a little flair.

The best thing about the boho sweaters is the fact that it can almost suit any women body size and shape. So, if you are a petite woman, or a woman who is in larger in side, you have nothing to worry as this piece can surely fit you and even more, enhances your beauty. They are considered classic, you can wear them forever but will still give you an up-to-date look. They are always modish, and they never go out of style.

You can find the best boho sweaters at one of the leading brand for bohemian clothing item, Johnny Was. Johnny Was offers will not only make you look pretty but assure to give value to your money spent. Their sweaters are made from high quality materials and are designed with a class in mind. Among the top choices are the following

Reedy Dolman Wrap
The Johnny Was Reedy Dolman Wrap is a lightweight feminine beauty. Delicate scalloped lace lines this piece and it features a simple tie closure. Wear this over a cami and a skirt, and you have a subtle sexy ensemble. This boho sweater will cost you $218 to buy. Made from 100% rayon making it comfortable to wear. This outerwear is available in two colors, you can choose from Grey whisper and Raisins.

Leather Fringe Jacket
The Johnny Was Leather Fringe Jacket features a subtle color and stylish fringe trimmings. It comes in long sleeves, with a front tie closures and two pockets. The Leather fringe jacket is great-buy, for only $196 your body will keep warm all day and all night, while staying stylish.

Leather Fringe Vest
The Johnny Was Leather Fringe Vest with a price of $148, is the ultimate boho sweaters layering piece offer by the brand. One of our favorite ways to wear this dress is over a maxi dress paired with some chic sandals. It features a front tie closures and two pockets.


Every Woman Loves the Boho Sweaters

Chic, Sexy and Fun, these are the words that best described Boho Sweaters. Sweaters are a must-have fashion item most especially during the colder days. It can keep you cozy and protected from the cold weather while keeping you look stylish.

The best thing I love about the Boho sweaters is the fact that it can flatter almost any type of women’s body. You won’t need to worry if you are a plus size or a petite one as the boho sweaters can still make you look fashionable and perfectly beautiful. It can add a touch of style to your overall look without any huge effort to make.

There are many ways of wearing the boho sweaters. You can combined it with casual items like your favorite t-shirts, jeans or footwear for a simple chic look, or opt for a more traditional, refined one. Boho sweaters are very versatile and perfect to use for any occasion. They are flexible enough and you can always show them off on formal events or just anywhere casually. Wear them during family get together or matched it with other trendy item for a night on the town. A lot of women really find this garment enjoyable and satisfying to wear.

Nowadays you will find boho sweaters in various designs, styles, materials and colors making them an ideal fashion choice for any season. They are a great investment as you can keep them for longer years and wear them whenever you want to. They never go out of the trend, and so, they always offer stylishness to the wearer. Leather fringe jacket are among the hot favorites of boho fashion women. Due to its versatility, you will find a large market of this garment all over the world. Other popular sweaters styles you will find are the wrap sweaters, tunic hoodies, long sleeve sweater, velvet jacket, fur vest, poncho and so much more. All comes with stunning prints, fabrics and flattering designs. They are also available in different price range. You can surely find one that fit your budget and fashion style as well.

Boho sweaters are definitely a great addition in every woman’s fashion wardrobe. Now the question is, where to buy it? In this I would definitely recommend Johnny Was. Johnny Was had established their name in the fashion industry as the #1 place to shop for Boho clothing and accessories. So, what are you waiting for? Check out Johnny Was today and shop for boho sweaters and make sure to wear it with total confidence!

Different Styles of Boho Sweaters

When looking for fashionable clothes to wear, the Boho sweaters are a great pick as they can create a new look and feel to your personal style without spending much of your money. Granting you wear it properly, the sweaters can be very sexy on you, and can even enhance your overall look easily. Boho Sweaters are flexible, they can be match and worn with a pair of your favorite jeans, pants, skirts or any kind of dress that you can imagine. They are perfect to wear in formal events or even when you just want to hang around and chill out with your friends. Many women find them as a remarkable piece of fashion item as it offered a satisfying fit for anyone, regardless of her body type and figure. Some of these boho sweaters can easily be adjusted on the waist making it easy and comfortable to wear.

There are different types of boho sweaters you can wear. Knowing all these types can help you picture out which best one to own. Here is the list of them:

V- Neck sweaters
V-neckline are must-have. They can suit almost any type of body shape. They are flattering especially to those women who have a bigger bust. But don’t worry, if you have a smaller one as can still wear this type in a different style.
Poncho type sweaters
For women who have a broad shoulder or need to hide a bit of their upper body, the poncho type sweaters are the best choice. They can make your upper body looks slimmer and can help minimize the appearance of your wide shoulder easily. In order to be more noticeable with this sweaters pair it with a straight leg pants, or a skinny jeans if you have thin legs.
Cardigans are one of the most interesting sweaters that you may want to give a try. It can easily cover your big hips and butts if you choose one in a longer length. It can even add a slimmer appearance on you. However, women with bigger bust should keep away from this style, as it can only make their bust look bigger.
Sweaters without sleeves are known as Vest. This type of women sweater is typically paired over jeans and over shirts or tank-tops. Different vests can go with different styles, you can find this clothes in wide selection- from button downs, zip up, with a hoodie, long or short designs and so on, you can surely have one that will suit your taste and needs.

There you have it! Now you know the different types of women’s boho sweaters, it’s time to make a change. Add one to your wardrobe and wear it anytime you want with a lot of confidence!

Why Women Love Wearing Boho Sweaters?

Going at the office means changing clothes every day, and sometimes, selecting clothes to wear becomes a bit daunting. Perhaps the easiest solution is to match the rest of your outfit with a fashionable boho sweaters, this way you can create a new stylish look every day with no trouble.

Boho sweaters are a perfect choice of style that offers maximum level of comfort because of its pretty light design. This type of garment is available in a wide range of selection. The most fashionable are the lighter one that offers protection from the cold winter like the leather fringe jackets. Although you can find other jackets made from different materials such as wool, suede, corduroy, rayon, etc, the leather fringe jacket are considered the most popular one because of its fashionable and classy look.

Boho sweaters are available in many different lengths as well. Short sweaters are the top choice of younger people while the long to medium length sweaters are preferred mostly by older people. You will also find sweaters in variety of sleeves, opt for sleeveless to create a subtle sexy ensemble. Go for long sleeve one to keep your body more protected from cold weather.

The best thing about the boho sweaters is that you can also wear it even for formal occasions, of course, with proper accessorizing and team up of other outfit. Wear your sweater over a maxi dress paired with some chic sandals or wear it over cami and skirt. It’s your choice. Nowadays, you will find so many women who enjoy keeping a variety of sweaters in their wardrobe because of its versatility.

Here are some other reasons why boho sweaters are sought after by many fashionista today.

• Some women find sweaters highly sophisticated and can give one an appealing look. Even when you just wearing basic and simple style, without much detail, it can make you look great and stunning effortlessly.

• Sweaters showcase a suitable combination of your personal character and outlook, all in a single package. It is also one of the easiest and best ways of revealing your boho chic side.

• They are trendy and absolutely attractive, making them a super hit among fashionista.

• This piece of garment can make you keep warm all through the day while staying stylish. They are so comfortable and absolutely fashionable.

So, if you want to create a new YOU or just want to gift it to someone special to you, boho sweaters are definitely worth considering.