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Must have Boho Skirts

If you are looking for new ways to look fashionable this season, there is no easy way but to buy yourself a long skirt and get an instant smart and stylish look when you wear a beautiful pair of it. One such great-buy is the boho skirts. They are delightfully designed to give emphasis to your legs, waist and curves. It can also put in tang to your fashion style: wearing boho skirts can add a bit of elegancy to a woman, and can effortless enhance her beauty. It can definitely give you the instant Cinderalla look that you are always dreaming of.

There are many different styles and forms ofboho skirts that is available for every modern women needs. Perhaps the best styles to choose are the tight skirts and the a- line skirts, most especially for short women. Tight skirts can emphasis your curves, shapes and can gives an illusion of longer legs naturally. A flair skirt can add charm to your style. For women who is in heavier side, the gypsy skirts are the ultimate choice as they can absolutely work for you. Pair it with tank tops so that the beauty and features of the skirt will shows.

They are also available from different materials and prints patterns. You can choose one that will suit your mood. Opt for skirts that include sequins, beads or even laces for a more feminine look. Embroidery work done on these skirts makes them look fabulous when worn with sandals. With the infinite selection of skirts these days, sure you can find one that will perfectly suit your fashion sense.

Boho skirts made from 100% cotton fabric are a must-have for every girl. They are perfect hippie styles that are well designed to flatter a woman’s figure and help boost their confidence. Cotton skirts are very versatile as it can be worn for many different occasions. Some skirts on this material are adorn with embroideries, sequins and more.

Sarong skirts or also known as “wrap around skirts”, and among the top choice for boho skirts. They are great to wear at beaches. Sarong skirts are single piece materials that are wrapped around the waist to form a skirt. They are totally beautiful and can easily give a feminine touch to the wearer. This type comes in wide variety of colors to choose from.

Lastly are the Gypsy boho skirts which is inspired from the 70s look but is created now with a different twist to suit your modern style of clothing. Gypsy skirt is better worn with small tank tops or gypsy embroideries to give you that ethnic look you deserve. Exclusive handcrafted accessories are necessary if you really want to pull off the look.


Trendiest Boho Skirts found at Johhny Was

The boho chic style has totally rocked the fashion world. It has immense huge popularity for both celebrities and masses alike. If you wish to achieve this style, wearing boho skirts is definitely the best way to start. They are easy to wear, comfortable and really stylish. Skirts are the perhaps the trendiest way to achieve the boho look.

There are many ways to wear this trendy boho skirts. But let us first learn how you can be able to get one, and which skirts to buy.

Johnny Was is a known brand that sells modern bohemian items. With this leading signature, you can find a wide range of different boho skirts styles that can perfectly suit your needs, here are some of the top choices it offer

Flora Fun Lined Maxi Skirt for only $245. This is here to stay, so be sure that you own for your wardrobe. It gives a sleek and sophisticated accent. The flirty floral design of it makes women reveal her fun, playful, feminine side. Match it with a simple tunic or blouse to perfectly get the bohemian look.

Another is the Milana Lined Skirt that can cost you $268. You will surely love the full vibrant colors and prints it has. Milana Lined skirt can make you look stunning effortlessly. To complete your look pair it with a solid tee or tunic and some flirty accessories.

Odette Lined Skirt, a full length maxi skirt with elastic waistband and silk slip. This skirt is perfect for any occasions and can be team up with a sweater, or keep it simple and chic with a tunic or camisole. Oddette Lined skirt will only cost you $240 to buy.

Lastly are the Flower Girl Skirts, a dark color floor-length skirt that price about $268.

Here are some other ways on how you can wear these trendy boho skirts

• Complete your look by pairing your skirt with a beautiful right pair of shoes: flats, wedges, espadrilles, heels, etc. All depends on the look you want to create.

• Go for wide belt as they can emphasis one’s midriff.

• Avoid combining your skirts with long cardigans and blazers (proportions of figure are distorted).

• For a more modern look, team up your boho skirts with boots and fur jackets.

• A demure blouse and a well-tailored blazer are a perfect outfit that can go along with boho skirts for business look.

• Accessorize and pair your boho skirts with fashion statement jewelries like large rings and bracelets. Opt for ethnic jewelry as they create a noticeable look too.

Whatever your mood is, or whenever you have to wear this clothe, there is surely great ways to do it. Whether it is a romantic date or a business for work, creating a variety of looks from this boho skirts is so easy.

Tips when Buying Trendy Boho Skirts

If you love being always in-style and value beauty and practically, boho skirts are a must- have piece of clothing that should be available in your wardrobe.

Boho clothing style rocks and, it is in fact, have seen in the fashion industry for many times. Each year this style brings something that you will go crazy about; a fresh and unexpected look to many fashionista. Among the trendy boho clothes today are the boho skirts. It is easy to wear and can undeniably give a new YOU effortlessly. This skirts come in a variety of great colors that can make your boho chic look perfect, such as blue, green, turquoise, raspberry, red as well as neutrals like black and white, and pastel colors. It also comes in many available prints like animal prints, stripes, florals and so much more. For skirts designs, you can opt for pleated, draped, frilled, asymmetrical, straight or more. The skirts also come in different length. Choose one that can make you look the best.

The best thing that you will love about the boho skirts is its versatility. It can be worn for many occasions, plus, it is goes well for any body shape. As long as you have chosen the right fit, it can help hide your problem areas and emphasize more of your asset. The following are some tips you may consider when buying boho skirts.

• For tall ladies who want to look shorter, opt for skirts with two hues separated with a horizontal line then pair it with a flat sandals, a bolero and a short blazer.

• For petite women, go for skirts that length up to the floor and match it with a beautiful tight fitting top with V-necklines. Complete your look by wearing high heel shoes. Avoid wearing skirts with lots of prints nad frills as it can only make you look shorter.

• Pleated skirts are perfect for slim girls, but should be avoided by plump women. Women in heavier side should also consider the material of the skirts they will be wearing. Stay away from strong fabrics as it can only make you look bigger and can just draw attention to the body areas you would wish to hide.

• For ladies with big breasts and/or broad shoulders, opt for boho skirts with high splits to balance your figures.

Dark-colored maxi skirts can also create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette in the area of thighs and bottom.

Discover the Beauty of Wearing Boho Skirts

Billowing, wide, layered style skirt, thin, usually three quarter length are the words that define the boho skirts. Today, there are so many women who go crazy wearing this kind of garment not because of its fashionable look but also because it offers not just one good benefits to the wearer but so many. Boho style has totally rocked the fashion world. Though it is considered to be ethnic, it yet defines more of attitude. Anyone can be in this style of clothes easily. Instead of wearing the usual clothes like body fit shirts or jeans, you can now have the options to make use of the bohemian clothing and have a new stylish look every day.

Many believes that wearing boho skirts is one of the most easiest way of dressing up, this is because you don’t need to spend too much unlike when you wear a designer clothes. Boho skirts are available almost everywhere, you can shop on an online store, on malls or specialty fashion store or even at thrift stores. They are mostly affordable, versatile and timeless piece of clothes. You can also even find one at your grandmother’s closet just remember to pick one that have more shades of artistry in it to perfectly achieve the style. The best thing about these skirts is that you also have the freedom to mix and match it easily with any available clothes you have in your closet.

There are so many other reasons why you have to, at least, try wearing a boho skirts to your everyday lifestyle. Here are some of them:

• They are so feminine and can easily reveal the fact that you are a real woman.
• They can make any women feel instantly confident when wearing a beautiful piece of it pair with a high heel.
• They are less restrictive than trousers and shorts
• They can also be sexy at the same time. You know, most boho skirts are long yet silky and thin. Men treat this as sexy seductive as parts of the body are cover, yet the cover is thin. Skirts can also show off a bit of your legs (depending on the skirt length you choose to wear)
• They are undeniably one of the most comfortable garments to wear. As compared to jeans, the skirts don’t fit tightly; they are much more airy and cool to wear most especially during hot days.
• They are striking and easy to wear.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab your piece now! And discover the beauty of wearing boho skirts.