Women’s Eyewear in Function and Fashion

Commonly, people wore eyeglasses as a medical aid for correcting their vision. But today, we now have a different view of women’s eyeglasses, as they also become a fashion accessory that women can don and enhance their outfit. We now look at eyeglasses as something that can improve one’s vision and also an item that can enhance looks. A lot of women own several pairs of glasses and that’s because there is a fashion factor in it. When choosing their eyeglasses carefully, women can make their eyeglasses as much a fashion accessory as their earrings and necklaces. Below is a guide on wearing women’s eyeglasses so you can express your personal style and fashion taste.

If you want women’s eyewear to correct your vision they it is only wise to visit the optician for eye exam and prescription. Although you may be looking for an attractive pair of frames to suit your personal style, it is important that you remember that the eyeglasses are an important aid in correcting your vision. Women’s eyewear today should fulfill your intended purpose while also making you look fabulous.

Fitting the Face
Women’s eyewear when worn shouldn’t necessarily stand out when people look at you. Large frames on a small face will only bring too much attention on the glass and not the face. The frames choose should complement your face and not make the face appear smaller or bigger. The eyewear of choice should also be comfortable and not feel weird when worn.

Choose frames that complement the face, lenses that have been prescribed to you can always fit your frame of choice. That is why choosing the frame’s shape is important. An angular frame will look great on a rounded face. Do not match the face of your shape with the shape of the frames. As well, if you have certain facial features that stand out, don’t wear eyeglasses that are considered extreme as they will make the strong facial feature stand out even more.

You can find eyeglasses frames in such shapes as oval, round, hearts, butterfly, square, teardrops, and rectangular.

Aside from shape, you should also consider the size of the eyewear. It is important to consider the size of the frames. The size of the eyeglasses that you choose should enhance your face and not detract from it. Small frames should be avoided by large faces and vice-versa, choosing the right size for your face is a good step to looking great with eyewear.


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