Learn The Best Tips when Buying Women’s Eyewear

When it comes to choosing an eyewear, women needs to consider many things such as her face shape, skin complexion, her usual outfits to match with the eyewear, her favorite color, the materials she want to use or what particular embellishment she enjoy.  Also, she needs to consider what frame to use that can match her hair style and at the same time her personality. In this article you will learn the basic tips in choosing a perfect pair of women’s eyewear.

1.    Know what personality you posses, and chose a frame that will match it. For instance, choose among the delicate or bold, retro or modern, conservative or trendy frame, whichever complement most of your personality and temperament.

Retro is good choice, if you want to get a classic look of 50s and 60s. They usually features bold, dark frames and are chunky. The most popular women’s eyewear in retro look is the retro- cat eye shape frame.

Trendy frame may include wearing contrasting colors which create a striking look, or wearing angular frames that offer cool look. Sporty look is even more popular this season, you may also want to wear this kind of style if you are a woman who is active to sports and outdoor activities.

2.    Choose women’s eyewear in popular designer brand such as Anne Klein, Vogue, Channel or Guess. All offers different eyewear applicable for the season and are suitable for a diversity of environments. Guess women’s eyewear collection is the best choice! The brand provide fashionable eyewear that is just right for your budget, and at the same time offers high quality materials that can be keep for many years (but with the proper care of course).

3.    Choose a frame that can compliment your skin, eye, hair colors and at the same time main colors of your clothing. If you have blue eyes, choose an eyewear that has a blue frame. Also, pick frame color that balance to your hair tone.

4.    You can also get a perfect eyewear if you will select a frame that is contrasting with your face shape. Common frames shapes are square, round, diamond and oval. For round face, choose square or geometric frames. On the other hand, if you’ve got a square face, better opt for the round or oval frames. Wide frames are ideal for women with oval face and the decorated frames suits women with triangle shape of face.

5.    Choose a frame with just a right size. Make sure that you feel comfortable with your chosen eyewear to look and feel good on it. Make sure that the sides of the frame do not press too tightly against the temples.


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