Choosing Women’s Dresses –Little Black Dress

Since Coco Chanel introduced it in 1926, the little black dress has become the epitome of timeless fashion. It had been the answer to every “What should I wear to…” question from cocktail parties to holiday parties to class reunions. It’s never failing appeal makes it one of the most sought out type of women’s dresses. It remains the height of chicness and because of that, fashion designers had made various types of the little black dress. If you do not currently have a LBD or you do not have one that you truly love, then perhaps you need to find one that fits your shape and style a little bit better. Here are the types of LBD that you can get today.1.    Boy Shape – If you have a body that lacks some curves, is very athletic built and have a long torso with no definition in your waist, then you need a dress that will fix that. Get a little black dress that will give the illusion that you have a cinched waist such as one that has a tie or a belt along the waist. An empire waist or a dress with ruching can also give off the illusion of having more of an hourglass figure.

2.    Top Heavy Shape – If you have a large bust, you don’t want to cover it up completely but you don’t want to be falling out of your dress either. Stay away from plunging necklines and instead stick with a box or high neckline to create a very sophisticated look. To even things out a bit, you can wear a little black dress that has a flowing skirt instead of just being straight. This will give the illusion that both your top and bottom are equally proportioned.

3.    Bottom Heavy Shape – A larger bottom is easy to disguise with the right LBD especially because black is so slimming. Stay away from any dress that has a lot of emphasis to the bottom such as ruching or ruffles. Instead you should stick with a straight skirt, but nothing that is too clingy. Make sure you are able to have a little breathing room. The top of the dress should be billowy, so it will bring emphasis to the bust instead of all eyes on the bottom.

4.    Curvy Woman – If you are a woman who is blessed with curves all over then you need a dress that is fitted with a v-neck. This shouldn’t be overly tight, but fitted nicely so that the dress hugs your curves just right. You can always stick with a dress that has a little bit of a flare at the bottom as well.

5.    Tummy Control – If you need to try and hide your tummy, then you need a dress that will give the illusion of a small and flat stomach. To get this look, pick a dress with an empire waist because it will bring emphasis on the bust and neckline and is not tightly fitted on the tummy. You can also wear a wrap dress that is fitted but make sure that it is roomy enough so it does not fit too tight.

It is definitely a must to own a little black dress. I do own a lot of women’s dresses but I always count on my LBD in some of the most important parties and events of my life. So shop for one now that will fit your body the most.


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