Tips on Wearing Equipment Tops

Katharine Hepburn and Lauren Bacall had been crazy about it! Nowadays Lauren Conrad, Kim Kardashian and other celebrities are rocking it. I’m talking about Equipment tops. If you want to know how to wear a button down shirt like Equipment tops without looking as though you’re about to enter a corporate meeting, read on. A button down shirt can provide stylish and elegant appeal when worn right. So get your Equipment shirt (or shop for it if you have none), spice it up and step out looking chic and sassy.


First things first – how to choose your Equipment tops:

•    It should fit and flatter – not bag, pull or burst at the seams. Button down shirts are larger than other women tops but that doesn’t mean that you need to pick a very large one.

•    White – or not? That is your choice. The rule of thumb is pick the color/s that suit you, your complexion and personality. Button down shirts come in a wide variety of colors. White is just the most commonly known

•    Sleeves – should you or shouldn’t you? Decide on what you’re wearing the shirt for. Short sleeves are summery, cooler and more casual looking. Long sleeves can lend a dramatic edge, though there’s always the ability to turn up the cuffs

•    Long or short? The rule goes like this: if you’re wearing a jacket, the shirt shouldn’t hang lower than the jacket hem. If not, tunic length is fine


The above are the basic rules to consider when purchasing Equipment tops. Now let’s talk about how to wear your button down Equipment shirt! You can wear button down shirt in these ways:

•    With a vest over the top

•    Open, with a matching or completely contrasting rocking it tee underneath

•    Belt up. A waist cinch in with a fab belt looks good. Make sure it is tucked in and a pencil skirt is a perfect match for it.

•    With chunky costume jewelry at the neck and wrists. Bling up a plain colored shirt – accessorize all the way

•    With a dress. You can put it underneath the dress or as a blazer over the dress. It’s up to you.


There are many ways in which to wear these popular Equipment tops and you’re only limited by your imagination. They really are incredibly easy to wear and today’s trends mean that they’re an extremely flexible wardrobe piece. I already have one in white and another one in snakeskin pink. It is indeed gorgeous. I’ve worn it with jeans as a rule. A pair of flats, a bag and that’s it. On occasion I’ve worn it with a pencil skirt – which works equally as well. So shop for your Equipment tops today and be a part of the staple fashion line.


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