Equipment Tops – My Favorite Top

There’s no denying that Equipment had been a fashion staple. That is why it’s my mom’s favorite and is now my favorite as well.  Christian restoin established this brand way back in 1975. Drawing his inspiration from american films of the 50s, from stars such as katherine hepburn and lauren bacall (who became one of his clients): the menswear inspired shirts became a worldwide success. committed to maintaining the quality and simplicity of the brand, restoin chose to specialize in shirts and nothing but shirts, – letting the product speak for itself rather than laboring under delusions of grandeur. but after enjoying twenty years of the brands success, restoin moved on, wishing to pursue another phase of his career. In 2011, the brand had made it’s come back and is now manage by Serge Azria.


In the short time since the brand’s re-launch, Equipment has gained a prominent presence in some of the most prestigious retail locations around the world. Te brand has once again, forged itself as a stronghold in fashion world and celebrities and commoners alike loves to wear it. Whether you are wearing premium denim or sitting alongside couture, Equipment’s versatility and strength is ever-present. And speaking of versatility, I can testify that when you are styling equipment tops, the possibilities are endless. Here are some of my favorite ways to wear my favorite top.


–    Start with: a classic oxford basic that will make you look very professional. Pair your button down shirt with a pencil skirt, complete with open high heel sandals and some huge necklace for accessories (pearl works best).

–    Dress it up with florals: Pair your button down shirt with a floral string dress and some floral slippers and accessories.

–    Get sporty with cargos: Show your husband that supporting his team at the ballpark doesn’t have to include wearing his smelly old jersey. Wear cargo pants together with your button down shirt. You can also top it up with a boho wrap. This look is manly enough but still has the touch of women style in it.

–    Add some sparkle: A sequined tank above your button down shirts can make wonder. Pair it with skinny jeans and some sequined or shiny heels too.

–    Take it to the beach: many celebrities and fashionistas are doing these. So why don’t you? Button down shirts are veery popular in the beach as women wear them on top of their swimwear. Now you can nail that effortless beach-chic look while still covering up.

–    Go preppy:Achieve that preppy look by wearing your button down shirt underneath a knitted sweater and making sure that the collar and other parts of the shirts still pop up. Pair it with s preppy mini skirt or shorts and a pair of comfortable flat shoes or slippers.

–    Brighten up with a blazer: look brainy but not boring by paring your button down shirts with a bright colored blazer.


Equipment withstand the test of time and it will definitely be around for a long time now. Shop Equipment tops today and I’m sure that it will be your favorite top too.


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