Equipment Tops for the Casual Woman

The reason why women should always go for casual look is because it is perhaps the easiest, most convenient, and most versatile look to pull off. Speaking of versatility and convenience, Equipment tops are the most wanted clothes for the casual look because of its characteristics that rhymes synonymously with the casual look.

Equipment tops to begin with have varying designs that can fill a woman’s wardrobe, they have intense colors that truly catch the eye but is not too much on the vision and when it comes to prints and patterns, they have intriguing and funky designs that would capture any woman’s tastes.

Casual looks are welcome to almost any where you go, Equipment tops are the epitome of the casual look and the great thing about it is that it can either be street looking to a rather lose and comfortable casual look.

Out for Brunch
Women can easily slip into any Equipment tops that has a bright color or a rather loud and pronounced design, the perfect print would be a floral print for this occasion. Equipment tops can be paired pants or shorts or even skirts! For a very laidback and comfortable pair, why not go for shorts? Your footwear can either be a pair of flat sandals or if you need some added inches, you can go with wedges. Depending on your personal style, you can define it just by wearing accessories. Earrings, bracelets, and others can go well with this look. Just make sure that it compliments your outfit and taste.

Dinner Date
You can show your femininity with simple Equipment tops that has ribbons in front of the shirt. These ribbons are rather easy to tie and are big enough to be noticed but not too big to get in the way. There are also printed or patterned tops like this in the store and you can check them out online. The ribbon front tops are great to be paired with trousers too, if your dinner date is in a rather fancy restaurant, be confident and brave to walk in wearing a ribbon front shirt, trousers and blazer. If you want to intimidate your date, wear heeled shoes and a fierce make up, show your date who’s boss and if he can handle a woman like you.

Equipment tops have varying designs and styles, go ahead and purchase one for your wardrobe now.


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