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Women’s Eyewear in Function and Fashion

Commonly, people wore eyeglasses as a medical aid for correcting their vision. But today, we now have a different view of women’s eyeglasses, as they also become a fashion accessory that women can don and enhance their outfit. We now look at eyeglasses as something that can improve one’s vision and also an item that can enhance looks. A lot of women own several pairs of glasses and that’s because there is a fashion factor in it. When choosing their eyeglasses carefully, women can make their eyeglasses as much a fashion accessory as their earrings and necklaces. Below is a guide on wearing women’s eyeglasses so you can express your personal style and fashion taste.

If you want women’s eyewear to correct your vision they it is only wise to visit the optician for eye exam and prescription. Although you may be looking for an attractive pair of frames to suit your personal style, it is important that you remember that the eyeglasses are an important aid in correcting your vision. Women’s eyewear today should fulfill your intended purpose while also making you look fabulous.

Fitting the Face
Women’s eyewear when worn shouldn’t necessarily stand out when people look at you. Large frames on a small face will only bring too much attention on the glass and not the face. The frames choose should complement your face and not make the face appear smaller or bigger. The eyewear of choice should also be comfortable and not feel weird when worn.

Choose frames that complement the face, lenses that have been prescribed to you can always fit your frame of choice. That is why choosing the frame’s shape is important. An angular frame will look great on a rounded face. Do not match the face of your shape with the shape of the frames. As well, if you have certain facial features that stand out, don’t wear eyeglasses that are considered extreme as they will make the strong facial feature stand out even more.

You can find eyeglasses frames in such shapes as oval, round, hearts, butterfly, square, teardrops, and rectangular.

Aside from shape, you should also consider the size of the eyewear. It is important to consider the size of the frames. The size of the eyeglasses that you choose should enhance your face and not detract from it. Small frames should be avoided by large faces and vice-versa, choosing the right size for your face is a good step to looking great with eyewear.


Trendy Women’s Eyewear

You can easily find a lot of women’s eyewear available in the market today. A simple evident that this accessory not only protect our eyes from the harmful reflection of sun’s light such as Ultra Violet Rays but also a fashion accessory that can help us make a big fashion style effortlessly.

For women, who most of the time travels by road, wearing a beautiful pair of shades is very important. Their eyes are more exposed to a lot of glare from the surroundings and UV rays, thus needs to wear something that could give them protection and at the same time enhances their look.

Many brands come up such as Ray Ban, Gucci, Versace, Oakley, Gargoyles, Anarchy, Vague, Burberry, Guess etc which offer designer sunglasses in many different models. Each of these models gives a personal unique look and are suited for daily use. They are made from precious materials and are particularly created to resist long term use. The good thing about buying women’s eyewear from a designer brand is the assurance of getting a100 % protection from harmful UVA and UVB light.

Women’s eyewear is usually considered easy and attractive. For younger ladies, slightly tinted eyewear and a double bridge of the nose are highly fashionable. While women over 25 years of old, mostly fit the frames with a shape of butterfly and cat’s eye. There are many other popular women’s eyewear you go for, on the other hand. Different ranges with specialties such as Aviator glasses, Polarized glasses, 80s sunglasses, Sport shades, Bifocal shades, Men’s and women’s sun eyewear, oversized shades and Fishing shades are some of the products that available today. There are many sub-models that are available in these, which include specific designs and signature designs.

These women’s eyewear can be worn according to your particular needs and styles. For instance, sports range shades are definitely good to used for outdoor sporting or activity, the Aviator shades are stylish and perfect for daily use. Oversized, Fishing and Polarized glasses are use for specific purposes. Polarized glasses and Fishing glasses, help reduce the glare given by water, snow and other light reflective surfaces. Lastly Bifocal sun eyewear, which is the latest innovation of eyewear, a combination of prescription glasses and sun eyewear onto a single frame, so no one need to carry bunch of glasses along the way.

In addition, it is also necessary that you choose your women’s eyewear that matches your face shape and color type of exterior. Keep also in mind that a schoolgirl has a completely different look at a more mature beauty, thus, it is also important to consider your age when buying for eyewear.

Women’s Dresses That Never Fails To Attract

We women always dress to impress. We want to impress other girls (admit it, you love it when other girls turn green with envy) and more importantly we want to impress guys (and end up with a real prince charming). This time of the year – spring, everyone feels a little flirty. Make the most of spring fever and get women’s dresses that never fail to attract guys. We actually asked a bunch of guys and hear them out here.Red, White and Blue Dress – “So patriotic. I makes me think ‘Let’s get together and see if we can make some fireworks explode.”
Sequin Dress – Sequin dresses can make anyone look like a million bucks and extremely hot. It makes me want to value you more because you know you’re worth.
One-Shoulder Dress – “When a girl shows off her shoulders it tells me that she’s confident. This dress is classy and sexy all at once.”
Seersucker Sundress – “The pattern is eye-catching and I’m really digging the thin straps.”
Sexy Work Dress – “It says ‘I am a business woman, but I like to play’ all in one.”
Plaid Shirtdress – “It reminds me of a shirt that I own. A girl wearing a guy’s shirt is always hot.”
White Shimmy Dress – “It’s small, sexy, and just one piece of fabric wrapped around her body.”
Little Black Dress – “Guess what? We love your ‘little black dresses’ as much as you do.”
Blue Tube Dress – “I like that it hugs every curve of her body and leaves my imagination running to what is underneath.”
Boho Dress – “There’s something about boho chic and their free flow clothes that makes guys go crazy. Maybe because the sexiness and the easy going is there”
Eyelet Sundress – “The color is fantastic and the cut of the dress really shows off her body.”
Beauty Queen Dress – “It gives her that hourglass shape that every guy loves while showing lots of leg. What else could I ask for?”
Strappy Floral Dress – “It’s happy and innocent but still sexy. I feel like only really hot girls would wear this dress.”
Polo Shirtdress – “Anything that makes a girl look like she raided my closet and tried to make something fit — but doesn’t plan on wearing it for long — is good in my book!”
Silky Lace Dress – “It’s simple and inviting. I wouldn’t want other guys to see her in it.”
Polka Dot Dress – “It makes me want to play connect-the-dots.”
Floral Tank Dress – “It’s sexy, but she can still wear it around my parents.”
Plaid Halter Dress – “This dress has a sweet vibe. It’s flirty without being too obvious.”
Ruffled Denim Dress – “A girl who wears this knows what she wants, and I’m pretty sure she knows how to get it, too.”Every woman has a secret desire to look beautiful and attractive to guys. This is the reason why they are always attracted to women`s dresses which maximize their beauty and show off their sexiness. So guys had already spoken above and those are their favorite dresses. So shop for those women’s dresses today and make them fall in love with you.

Women’s Dresses For Any Parties

Women are constantly looking for that perfect party dress. Women’s dresses who can make them look fun yet still very elegant. Women want to find a dress that fits well and not only makes you feel good, but looks fun. In this article you’ll find the best and latest women’s dressesthat you can rock in some of those fun, flirty parties and nights out you had been invited on.For a fun night out
For occasions such as a big girls’ night out, you’ll want to find a flirty, more informal party dress. Hot nights call for fun and flirty dresses. A favorite party dress for warm weather, the All Over Ruched Chiffon Dress with Front Cascade comes in a chic chiffon style. You’ll look like the most valuable of gems in this bold emerald hue, like those precious emeralds found in Cleopatra’s tomb. Everyone will swoon over this dress’s sweetheart bodice and center cascade ruffle, and you’ll feel like you’re floating in the comfortable all over ruching. This dress serves as the perfect little number for big nights out.

Just like our last party dress pick, the Short Shimmer Dress with Beading and Tiered Skirt will serve you well for semi-formal occasions. Historically, at semi-formal occasions, any party dress that looks less elaborate, such as a shorter-length dress, proves most appropriate. This particular dress is fun and flirty, but with a more sophisticated and modern look. Perfectly exhibiting the popular cap sleeve dress, the Short Shimmer Dress with Beading and Tiered Skirt features a cap sleeve bodice with a feminine sweetheart neckline and intricate beaded detail. Perfect for any occasion — from a girls’ night out to a wedding reception — this party dress looks fashion-forward, with its asymmetrical tiered skirt, and at the same time classic and elegant, with shimmering fabrics.

Another fun and flirty party dress that works well for anything from a big night out to a holiday party, the pretty, pastel patterned One Sleeve Charmeuse Blouson Top Dress is one of every fashionista’s top picks. This party dress not only looks fun and flirty, but guarantees you’ll feel great in its super comfortable materials, as charmeuse feels more lightweight than almost any other fabric. While comfortable and easy to wear, you’ll also love this dress’s modern print, which seems to burst with fresh, light and modern colors.

Fun but Formal Parties

Perfectly combining a bold style with hints of romance, the One Shoulder Chiffon Dress with 3D Floral Detail will see you through any big night out. This intricate and elaborate dress is a modern style with its 3D floral detail adorning the one shoulder bodice, but looks and feels like a throwback to old romance through its folds of flowing chiffon and passionate bold berry hue. A true party dress dazzler that exudes the glamour of a classic movie starlet, the Long Chiffon Strapless Dress with Beaded Bodice has proven the real showstopper this season. Fun, flirty and romantic, this dress features exquisite beading across the fitted criss-cross strapless bodice and soft, flowing chiffon that gracefully drapes from the empire waist to the floor.

We hope that you get one or more tips to choose your perfect party dress. Remember though that whatever women’s dresses you are wearing, it is still your confidence that would make you shine.

Men’s Bags in Simplicity and Style

Men aren’t so fussy when it comes to bags, as long as they can carry it around and their hands are still free to do whatever, then it is perhaps the perfect bag. However, men are so focusing on necessity that most of the time, their bags don’t match their personality and even style.

Simplicity is a plus but having a stylish bag is also another good thing to have. Men are often seen with backpacks and if you are way beyond college then you better lay off the rucksack.

Men’s bags have always been simple things that help men to carry around the things that he needs, it’s no fuss, great, and useful. You must also remember that there are more men who have become conscious of their looks and they are now looking for a better bag to carry around.

It won’t hurt to have a smart-looking bag to compliment your outfit as it will help you become even more attractive and the good thing is that it doesn’t have to be over the top. Men’s bags have always had that style despite being humble and simple looking. What a guy should have is something that will greatly suit his needs.

When traveling, a man purse is something that is advised. These have always looked simple and stylish at the same time so quality should just be the factor you have to worry about. There are good quality men’s purse available almost everywhere, they vary in color and also design. You can see popular men like celebrities toting them around when they are going from one place to another. They are big enough to hold everything but not so big that they would make the man carrying it small.

Messenger bags are for the casual men who like practicality and also style. Classic looks are often made with leather, you can go from faux leather or real ones, depending on your budget, but if you want something that never harmed any animal, faux-leather messenger bags are for you. They have the same elegant look without the guilt, and they are more affordable too!

Duffle bags are for serious travelers, these men’s bags are used when traveling to another country or going out of town over the weekend. They look like varsity bags but most these out in the market are very stylish that comes in an array of design, color, and fabric.

Chronograph Women’s Watches

Women have always been known to have a taste for exquisite features and when it comes to women’s watches, the chronograph is one type of watch that women should have. Women’s watches are not just a sort of device that tells time, it is also a sort of jewelry for them that can be very nice with a matching outfit.

Chronograph watches are one of the most exquisitely made watches available today because they have both analog and digital designs. They are popular today not only in the fashion world but they are popular because they are often produced by luxury high quality brands.
Therefore making it one of the easiest and most convenient pieces that can propel a woman to sure fashion statement.
Chronograph women’s watches are made by many leading brands nowadays. The premium chronograph watches are mostly manufactured in Switzerland which is assumed to be the hub of quality watches – these are referred to as Swiss Chronograph and these watches usually cost more than standard watches as they undoubtedly reflect luxury.

This is a sort of women’s watches that has several buttons and is usually a bit sporty with the interface, there are buttons on the side and on the display too. This is so that the user can easily switch between different modes of the watch such as from time or date to the stopwatch and vice-versa. There’s also an alarm feature and other functions on the watch.

This design is usually seen in men’s watched but as times changed, these features were also added to women’s watches. Women’s watches today have almost the same features that can be seen in men’s watches, because women have now been also involved to men’s work that women decades ago can only dream of.

The other design of the chronograph watch, which is analogue, has the typical dial design that clicks the time away. Within the greater dial, you will see a small stopwatch dial which shows you the stopwatch clicking away. There are different functions and buttons on this watch which serve the same purpose as the digital watch, but these functions are designed differently. Analogue watches are made to suit the needs of a different class and depicts a more luxurious exhibit as compared to a digital watch.

Chronograph watches usually are for those exquisite watch collectors and lovers who have a taste and an eye for a good watch.

Great Guess Sandals for You

During ancient times, footwear were nothing more than sandals for both men and women and nothing much as has changed today, except added variety when it comes to style and fashion. There are so many brands that release sandals but nothing can really match up with Guess sandals.

With Guess sandals, women can easily and conveniently reveal their awesome personality and even make a big fashion statement. They can always count on this footwear any time they need them. The good thing about Guess sandals is that it is very versatile and can be worn to almost any event because it has a chic, trendy, and elegant look that most sandal manufacturers can’t achieve.
Guess sandals are easy on the eyes, that’s why they often get attention and praises, they also offer great comfort and also a stylish look.

Women often have delicate feet and beautiful skin, therefore it is only right to reveal their natural beauty with Guess sandals to make it very attractive. Guess footwear collections have a variety of styles that can easily fancy the taste of every woman anywhere. For parties and any social gathering events, you can pick classy colors like brown, black, and beige, which go well with any sort of formal wear. You will definitely feel and look great even with any kind of formal outfit as long as you have a pair of sandals from Guess. Casual wear and ordinary days can be fitted with a flat pair of sandals from Guess, you can also choose your sandals according to color that matches your attire, this will not only make you look attractive but also impressive.

You must remember that the type of footwear you wear can instantly depict your uniqueness and style. Thus, you must be careful when selecting the right kind of footwear in order to create a great impression. Guess has always been the leader when it comes to amazing clothing and even footwear. They have previous sandals in all sorts of styles that are suitable for a modern woman.
The quality of Guess is top of the line and you know very well that you are getting greatly designed footwear with great quality when purchasing here.

You can see for yourself the many wonderful styles that Guess has to offer from their website but don’t forget that Guess also has numerous stores all over the world.