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Guess Sweaters For Women With Large Bust

Guess Sweaters make comfortable and classic winter staples. It lets women of all sizes achieve flattering appearance and brings out the sexiness and edge inside them without really showing skin. In shopping Guess sweaters, it is very important to choose styles that suit your body shape. This article is a brief guide to choosing sweaters that flatter women with large busts.

Style & cut – If you have a large bust, the neckline style of a sweater is a very important consideration. Necklines that lengthen the upper body are very flattering for women with large breasts. Think V necks, scoop necks, sweetheart necklines and wrap styles. Make sure you avoid high necklines like crew necks and boat necks, because they tend to add further width to your upper body.

Sleeves – The sleeves can also have a significant influence on your appearance. Ideally look for plain, fitted styles, because you don’t want any added distractions in the same visual line as your chest. This means steering clear of puff and gathered sleeves. Also try to avoid sweaters that have sleeves that end in line with your chest, because they will add extra visual weight to this area. Long sleeves are generally much more flattering.

Fitting – When you have large breasts the best fit tends to be semi fitted, rather than very tight. If you have a toned physique, fitted styles can look good as long as they are partnered with a good supportive bra. If you have a really large bust, you might like to try a minimize bra.

Length – When it comes to length, it is typically best to choose long sweaters, because they create length through your torso region. However, make sure that this works with your other figure considerations. For example, if you are short a short sweater is typically more flattering.

Color & print – Plain, dark colored sweaters suit women with large breasts, because they help to make the upper body look slimmer. Generally, you want to avoid prints or light colors because they can add further width to your bust line.

Fabric – Look for sweaters made from smooth fabrics like cashmere, merino wool, cotton or linen blends. If you want to downplay your chest area, avoid textured styles, because they will add extra bulk. This means steering clear of boucle, angora, mohair and chunky cable styles.

Decoration & details – Avoid sweaters that feature decoration or detailing through the upper body, because they will add more weight to your chest area. This means steering clear of sweaters with detailed front panels, tucks at the shoulders, chest pockets, bust frills or neckline details. If you want to wear some pretty detailing, look for styles that feature this on the hemline or on the bottom of longer sleeves.

During the grey of winter the colorful women sweater can brighten up the day and lift up the spirits of women. So don’t think of women sweaters as a garment without style and just a clothing that can make you look baggy. The correct choice of style and fit could do wonders, and of course, the brand of the sweater also matters. So shop women’s sweater at Guess only. Guess sweaters are the best style sweater out there in an affordable price.


Taking Care Of Your Silk Dresses


So, you finally found the perfect silk dress – the one that you’ve always envisioned, come to life right before you in the boutique window. Silk is an ideal fabric for the warmer months of the year, and any woman will tell you that the feel of silk makes you feel nothing but sexy. But after you get it home and wear it once for that big occasion that you had planned, do you know how to properly care for it? Let’s look at how you can keep your silk dresses and other silk garments looking beautiful for years to come.




When choosing a dress made of silk, be sure to select the appropriate size because a silk garment that is too small will “give” a bit, but it will cause the garment to sag and eventually, it will look less than appealing. Most garments (with the exception of those that are handmade) will contain a laundering tag, right behind the size tag on the neck of the garment or on the inside bodice.


It is important to follow the specific directions for laundering your dress that you will on this tag. Most dresses made of silk will require that you send the dress out to the dry cleaners to be professionally cleaned. And keep in mind, if you are careful with the dress, you won’t need to launder it after each wear. In fact, many women will tell you that they only launder their finest silks when it becomes a complete necessity. Most silk garments, with the exception of lingerie and underwear, cannot be machine washed if they are 100% silk; blended fabrics may be machine washed if the garment label states as much – but be sure to use the “delicate” or “gentle” cycle and allow to air dry. Never spray cologne or perfume onto your silk garments; some perfumes contain oils that can stain the fabric and that cannot be removed.

Storing Your Dress


You can preserve the beauty of your expensive dress by properly storing it. First of all, never hang silk or other garments from wire hangers. These types of hangers can pick up on any moisture in the room and rust, over time. This can stain your silk and destroy it; rust stains cannot be removed. Opt instead for wooden hangers, or plastic hangers. Do not put your silk dress into a plastic bag (such as the one that covers your dress when it is returned from the dry cleaner). Silk is an organic fiber, and as such, it needs to “breathe”.


With proper care, laundering and storage, your silk dresses will provide you with many years of enjoyment!

Men’s Denim – Find Your Perfect Fit

Men’s Denim has been around for a long time. The name comes from the French serge de Nimes, the name for sturdy fabric. Modern denim trousers have evolved into a vast range of styles and colors. Here’s how to pick the color and style that suits you. Denim can be worn just about any time, but certain colors work better for specific occasions. The traditional indigo dark blue denim jeans are better suited for more formal occasions, while white jeans are great for beach and general everyday wear. Black denim jeans are good for a night out on the town. For everyday wear, go for the classic stonewash jeans. Here are the types of men’s denim that you should know.

Skinny – Jeans that are tapered down to your ankles are great for making your legs look thinner. You can buy them with the money you’ll save by not having to go to the gym.

Bootcut – These are also known as flares and were originally designed to fit over cowboy boots, hence the name. They look good if you have an athletic build and if you have wider hips, because the flares at the ankles will counterbalance the overall look.

Slimfit – Slimfit jeans, as with skinny jeans, are good for athletic body types, so if you are tall and lean this would be the best choice for you.
Straight – Straight cut jeans sit on your natural waistline and are slim over the hips. They are a classic style and flatter the tall and lean body types, similar to the slimfit styles.

Cargo – Cargo jeans are slightly looser fitting than the slimfit or straight cut jeans and look best on heavier body types. The multitude of pockets usually found on cargo jeans allows lots of functionality, but from a fashion perspective, most cargo wearers leave the pockets empty.

Baggy/Loose – As the name suggests, these jeans have a wider, looser fit and typically have a slight taper from the thigh to the ankle. The looser fit is ideal for those of us who have a heavier frame, but you need to look for a size that allows a few extra inches to show the shape of your body without hugging it.
So choose your men’s denim jeans with care and boost your self-esteem. A pair of well-fitting jeans selected for your physique can be worn on just about every occasion.

Guess Sweaters for Men – The Styles To Know

Every guy that has ever gone shopping for a sweater soon becomes puzzled when he discovers how many different styles of sweaters actually exist. Just yesterday, I was shopping at Guess and overheard a man shopping for Guess sweaters and a saleswoman. Saleswoman said “How about a nice crew neck sweater to go with those pants or wait, maybe a boat neck collar would suit you better.” And the man back “Whatever, I just want to look good and not be bombarded with all of these different terms.”

All this fancy fashion jargon can be quite confusing, but once you know the basic collar styles available, the difference between a v-neck and a turtleneck will be obvious. And shopping Guess sweaters would be a breeze (and you’ll get points with that saleswoman). So in this article we are going to discuss to you the different Guess sweaters (or any brand) style you should know. All these styles can be found at Guess because we think that Guess is one of the best brands when it comes to men’s clothing – like men’s sweater and denim jeans.

Turtlenecks – Turtlenecks are sweaters with a high, tubular collar. They usually have a long neckline, which is rolled over once for a better fit. Since the neck is covered from the top to the collarbone, turtlenecks are usually worn to keep your neck warm in colder climates. Some turtlenecks are also made with a simple layer (doesn’t need to be folded; it’s a turtleneck on its own) for a more original and trendy look.

Polo necks – Polo necks are sweaters with raised collars, usually adorned with two or three buttons on the frontal neckline. Polo shirts are now found in various forms: with buttons, without buttons, short, or long-sleeved.

V-necks – V-necks are sweaters designed with v-shaped necklines. They are very popular because of their versatility and simplicity. V-necks are classic and can be adapted to more or less any style or look. It is one of the most favorite sweater of men.

Crew necks – The most common type of sweater sold for men, crew neck sweaters are characterized by round, tight-fitting necklines. Crew necks are also very versatile and can easily be matched with any article of clothing you have stored in your wardrobe.

Boat necks – Boat neck sweaters are similar to the crew neck, except that the opening of the neckline is shaped like a boat instead of a circle. This type of sweater is seen in very trendy designer wear such as Jean Paul Gaultier, and is not suited for everybody.

So there you have the different styles of sweaters for men. The next time you go shopping for Guess sweaters or any brand you wish to shop (although we recommend you put Guess first in your list), you’ll know what the gorgeous saleswoman is talking about when she suggests a crew neck sweater.

Gorgeous Guess Sandals for Grabs

Guess has always been the leader when it comes to amazing clothing and footwear. Today, we will go down on the Guess sandals that can be grabbed and strut with this season of blooming flowers. It’s time to clean those toes and slip them into sandals that will expose your lovely feet (so make sure they are well trimmed and neat).

Guess sandals are always on the simple but elegant side, it’s never too adorned with unnecessary items and always has the design and style right.

Andrey Women’s Dress Sandals

This type of sandals has a thong-style construction with adjustable buckle closure at the ankle strap. To give it a bit of edge, the faux-leather material used here is polished with a metal “G” accent. The lining and lightly cushioned footbed are man-made. This is a very light pair of sandals and it has a ½ inch of heel. It is available in Black, blue, and white.

Liam Flats Sandals

Almost similar to the one above, this one is a also a thong-style T-Strap sandals where the “G” accent is a buckle in the center of the T-Strap. It is completely made out of synthetic materials but has a fine faux-leather finish, talk about lying off animal hide. Available in black and brown.

Kusa2 Platform Sandals

Guess will help you get closer to the heavens with this pair of sandals sporting an approximately 5” heel, while the platform has a 1.25” height. The leather strap on the ankle has a classic weave design and the ones that wrap the toes together is adorned with a gold colored chain. This one can be worn during the day transitioning to evening and with any sort of spring dress you have.

Rand Sandals

It’s quite easy to be mistaken as a celebrity when wearing Guess’s Rand Sandals. It has a stylish knotted leather ankle band and to add more allure, the gleaming stones are attached to the strap connecting the ankle down to the toe wrap. Its heel is about 4” and the platform is about 1/2”. It has that sophistication and sexiness at the same time that if people don’t mistake you as a celebrity then you will feel an instant celebrity upon slipping these sandals on.

There you have it, Guess sandals are winners when it comes to women’s footwear and if you want to update your spring footwear then why not head to the nearest Guess retail store near you or better yet, go online and order without sweat!

Stylish Guess Womens Wedges

Wedges are one of the most versatile shoes out there that cosmopolitan girls love to wear. Women’s wedges have graced the feet of many celebrities and they always look so fabulous. Of course those celebrities were given wedges as gifts from designers so they would be seen wearing it. You don’t have to be a celebrity or nearly as famous as them to wear women’s wedges that are as gorgeous as what celebrities are wearing. All you have to do is check out Guess’ wedges collection and you will look like a celebrity bestowed with a wonderful pair of women’s wedges in no time!


This wedged sandal from Guess exudes an innocent femininity in a pink color. The criss-cross strap is a classic style over the toes and a single strap for the ankle support is simple but beautiful. Not over the top and just plain gorgeous in a solid color. Perfect for warm weathers and perfect for showing off your newly painted toenails.


The leopard print design on this wedge will definitely make people think that you have wild side in you eager to come out. The single-strap on the ankle is bolder and wider than usual, elegantly designed and has a very sexy appeal no one can deny.


This open-toe wedged heel shoes are great for Spring and Summer. The earth tone of the shoes is a sure winner for women who loves bohemian styles and gypsy outfits. Match it up with floral skirts and dresses for a bright spring day. It has a sweet grounded style that most women will love.


Going out to a club party can’t be sexier than these pair of women’s wedges. You can get strappy with these simply when you slip them on, give up your boots and switch to these breathable wedges for a change and show off your delicately sculpted feet. The wedge has a design that may hypnotize any man you want to submission.


Light footwear women will love to wear during the day. It can be worn on an easy day to do daily tasks and effortlessly look fabulous. It’s also perfect to be worn at the beach for that retro-chic appeal. Go ahead and scurry along the shore in a bikini while wearing them.

Women’s wedges have a variety of designs from Guess at affordable prices. You can order online or to any retail outlets near you.

Men’s Bags are Fashionable

A lot of people would beg to disagree but today, men’s bags have morphed into sexier and hipper styles thanks to designer brands and other retail stores out there that have decent bags for men like Guess for instance. This is because there are more men who demand such stylish knapsacks on their backs or side, that is.

There are many reasons why men’s bags are fashionable and today, we will unravel the mysterious transformation.


Wearing a bag that can enhance your look is painless and effortless. It is way better than shaving, plucking a unibrow or wear skirts. Seriously, men have realized that bags should be an extension of their looks and they’ve taken advantage of it, finally.

It is practical

What else can you ask of men’s bags, it can take all your stuff and keep them safe for you while your hands are free to do what so ever. The modern life can demand so much and having to multi-task is quite necessary so you don’t want to hold on to your valuables when you need to do something else with your hands.

Secret of the few

Men don’t usually wear bags, so why not take advantage of this small secret and use your most stylish bag to stand out from the crowd? Sometimes, women can discover if you have a sense of fashion just by looking at your bag.

Great Modern Looks

The number of bags these days is increasing and most of them aren’t that bad. Guess has amazing duffel bags that you would love to flaunt and carry on a weekend trip while Coach has great briefcases to make your day at work stylish and serious. Messenger bags are also great while little boys can enjoy the practicality of backpacks.

Bags are made with different materials from fabric to leather down to faux-leather etc. Canvas bags are often messenger bags and sometimes duffel bags. While briefcases often come in leather finishes. There are also bags which should be taken on certain events and places. Work bags are often briefcases by the handle or with detachable straps. Messenger bags can be worn across the shoulder or just by hanging on your shoulder and is perfect for casual events. men’s bags are accessories most men would die not having, so if you haven’t tried flaunting a bag, why don’t you try it and see how it goes?