Taking Care Of Your Silk Dresses


So, you finally found the perfect silk dress – the one that you’ve always envisioned, come to life right before you in the boutique window. Silk is an ideal fabric for the warmer months of the year, and any woman will tell you that the feel of silk makes you feel nothing but sexy. But after you get it home and wear it once for that big occasion that you had planned, do you know how to properly care for it? Let’s look at how you can keep your silk dresses and other silk garments looking beautiful for years to come.




When choosing a dress made of silk, be sure to select the appropriate size because a silk garment that is too small will “give” a bit, but it will cause the garment to sag and eventually, it will look less than appealing. Most garments (with the exception of those that are handmade) will contain a laundering tag, right behind the size tag on the neck of the garment or on the inside bodice.


It is important to follow the specific directions for laundering your dress that you will on this tag. Most dresses made of silk will require that you send the dress out to the dry cleaners to be professionally cleaned. And keep in mind, if you are careful with the dress, you won’t need to launder it after each wear. In fact, many women will tell you that they only launder their finest silks when it becomes a complete necessity. Most silk garments, with the exception of lingerie and underwear, cannot be machine washed if they are 100% silk; blended fabrics may be machine washed if the garment label states as much – but be sure to use the “delicate” or “gentle” cycle and allow to air dry. Never spray cologne or perfume onto your silk garments; some perfumes contain oils that can stain the fabric and that cannot be removed.

Storing Your Dress


You can preserve the beauty of your expensive dress by properly storing it. First of all, never hang silk or other garments from wire hangers. These types of hangers can pick up on any moisture in the room and rust, over time. This can stain your silk and destroy it; rust stains cannot be removed. Opt instead for wooden hangers, or plastic hangers. Do not put your silk dress into a plastic bag (such as the one that covers your dress when it is returned from the dry cleaner). Silk is an organic fiber, and as such, it needs to “breathe”.


With proper care, laundering and storage, your silk dresses will provide you with many years of enjoyment!


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