Stylish Guess Womens Wedges

Wedges are one of the most versatile shoes out there that cosmopolitan girls love to wear. Women’s wedges have graced the feet of many celebrities and they always look so fabulous. Of course those celebrities were given wedges as gifts from designers so they would be seen wearing it. You don’t have to be a celebrity or nearly as famous as them to wear women’s wedges that are as gorgeous as what celebrities are wearing. All you have to do is check out Guess’ wedges collection and you will look like a celebrity bestowed with a wonderful pair of women’s wedges in no time!


This wedged sandal from Guess exudes an innocent femininity in a pink color. The criss-cross strap is a classic style over the toes and a single strap for the ankle support is simple but beautiful. Not over the top and just plain gorgeous in a solid color. Perfect for warm weathers and perfect for showing off your newly painted toenails.


The leopard print design on this wedge will definitely make people think that you have wild side in you eager to come out. The single-strap on the ankle is bolder and wider than usual, elegantly designed and has a very sexy appeal no one can deny.


This open-toe wedged heel shoes are great for Spring and Summer. The earth tone of the shoes is a sure winner for women who loves bohemian styles and gypsy outfits. Match it up with floral skirts and dresses for a bright spring day. It has a sweet grounded style that most women will love.


Going out to a club party can’t be sexier than these pair of women’s wedges. You can get strappy with these simply when you slip them on, give up your boots and switch to these breathable wedges for a change and show off your delicately sculpted feet. The wedge has a design that may hypnotize any man you want to submission.


Light footwear women will love to wear during the day. It can be worn on an easy day to do daily tasks and effortlessly look fabulous. It’s also perfect to be worn at the beach for that retro-chic appeal. Go ahead and scurry along the shore in a bikini while wearing them.

Women’s wedges have a variety of designs from Guess at affordable prices. You can order online or to any retail outlets near you.


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