Gorgeous Guess Sandals for Grabs

Guess has always been the leader when it comes to amazing clothing and footwear. Today, we will go down on the Guess sandals that can be grabbed and strut with this season of blooming flowers. It’s time to clean those toes and slip them into sandals that will expose your lovely feet (so make sure they are well trimmed and neat).

Guess sandals are always on the simple but elegant side, it’s never too adorned with unnecessary items and always has the design and style right.

Andrey Women’s Dress Sandals

This type of sandals has a thong-style construction with adjustable buckle closure at the ankle strap. To give it a bit of edge, the faux-leather material used here is polished with a metal “G” accent. The lining and lightly cushioned footbed are man-made. This is a very light pair of sandals and it has a ½ inch of heel. It is available in Black, blue, and white.

Liam Flats Sandals

Almost similar to the one above, this one is a also a thong-style T-Strap sandals where the “G” accent is a buckle in the center of the T-Strap. It is completely made out of synthetic materials but has a fine faux-leather finish, talk about lying off animal hide. Available in black and brown.

Kusa2 Platform Sandals

Guess will help you get closer to the heavens with this pair of sandals sporting an approximately 5” heel, while the platform has a 1.25” height. The leather strap on the ankle has a classic weave design and the ones that wrap the toes together is adorned with a gold colored chain. This one can be worn during the day transitioning to evening and with any sort of spring dress you have.

Rand Sandals

It’s quite easy to be mistaken as a celebrity when wearing Guess’s Rand Sandals. It has a stylish knotted leather ankle band and to add more allure, the gleaming stones are attached to the strap connecting the ankle down to the toe wrap. Its heel is about 4” and the platform is about 1/2”. It has that sophistication and sexiness at the same time that if people don’t mistake you as a celebrity then you will feel an instant celebrity upon slipping these sandals on.

There you have it, Guess sandals are winners when it comes to women’s footwear and if you want to update your spring footwear then why not head to the nearest Guess retail store near you or better yet, go online and order without sweat!


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