A Look at Mens Bags

There’s a difference with women’s bags and men’s bags. People have a reason to carry bags because these things help them carry more than their hands can. Bags, aside from their essential function to carry items can also be used as an accessory to enhance a look. The reason why men’s bags and women’s bags are different is because men and women carry different items.


Depending on the situation and places to go to, men also have varieties of bags to choose from.


At Work

Depending on their job, men should wear the appropriate bag in order to look more professional or approachable. If a man’s work environment is a little easy and strict on dress codes, men can go ahead and take messenger bags to work otherwise, if the workplace is rather strict and the man goes to the office in a suit and tie then a briefcase should make the man look professional and business oriented. Briefcases can be like messenger bags too and have straps attached to them, they just look more formal and more professional than the casual messenger bag.


At the Gym

Don’t bother with gym bags those huge sports bags anymore since holdalls and duffel bags are now out in the market. Gym bags or varsity bags should be left to college boys. With holdalls, you can carry all your necessary things that are used at the gym. Duffel bags are good alternative too and they can also be used as a travel bag.


Out with Friends

Men going out during the days can use a newsboy bag to accent their look. There are new modern designs for a timeless and classic bag. A man can carry all his belongings in it, a book or tablet pc, phone, wallet, keys and others can be neatly tucked in without any hassle. A tote can also be carried around in replacement of the newsboy bag, totes are the casual answer to briefcases. Totes are often carried by artisans for their tools but a man doesn’t have to be an artisan to carry these around. They are great and easy looking that doesn’t ask too much attention but can accent an outfit anytime.


men’s bags are great and men should learn how to use them to their advantage and enhance their look. Not everything can be stuffed in pants or pockets and it’s just practical to use bags.


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