Women’s Wedges – Why you’ll Love Them

Almost all women have that perfect little dress that looks amazing when worn. The perfect dress deserves the perfect jewelry, hairstyle, but most of all the perfect shoes. A great pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. When picking out a great pair of shoes it’s important to remember if you choose the wrong shoe it may ruin the entire look. So what do you need to choose? Heels for sexier looks or Flats for comfort? I say a combination of both through Women’s wedges.

Women’s wedges are lovely for both formal and casual wear depending on the shoe. They give you the heights you will have with heels but more comfortable. That is why more and more women are opting for wedges today.

Why You’ll Love Them

• Wedges are very versatile and can be paired with just about everything in your closet. They compliment a variety of styles and can go from bohemian and flirt to sexy and sophisticated in a matter of seconds.

• Wedges are terrific for women who are searching for some added height without a neck breaking heal. The wedge style offers a little more balance for those of you who find walking in 4 inches heels a bit difficult and dangerous.

• Wedges are more forgiving for you’re feet than the average heel. Since they have a wide surface area, wedges are easier on the balls of your feet while traditional heels may apply extra pressure resulting in pain.

• Wedges offer women the ability to take casual clothing to the next level by adding a bit of sex appeal and style to everything from denim shorts to flirty frocks.

• Women with thicker ankles may find that by design, wedges work to make the calf and ankle appear thinner. If this is a concern to you, then wedges really should be your heel of choice.

• Summer staples like flowing skirts, wrap dresses, and sexy shorts all look terrific with a pair of casual or dressy wedges, making them good choice for any occasion.

When purchasing a pair of wedges with colors, there are some basic guides. It’s never a good idea to wear a shoe that will overshadow the color of the dress. A shoe color should accent the dress and the woman. If the dress is a singular color, pair it with a multi-colored shoes, consequently a multi-colored dress will look best accented with a singular color shoe. A great pair of red wedge shoes will look fantastic with black or navy dresses. Conversely a red dress looks fantastic with a red and black shoe or navy and black shoe. Lastly, a great pair of wedge shoes need not be a high heel. There are wedges of every heel height, from flats to six inch platforms. However, if you choose to wear a wedge shoe with a higher heel, you will have a great support system under the arch of your foot, making the wedge shoe the most comfortable high heel on the market.


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