Women’s Wedges vs Heels

Being a woman is by far very complicated. We have more feelings, go through pregnancy, and needs to think of our looks every time and more. And speaking of looks, many women sacrifice their comfort ability just to looks good. Like wearing really tight clothes to make them sexier while they can’t breathe. Or wearing shoes with heels when they can cause back ache, blisters, and if you are unfortunate, a sprained or broken ankle. That brings me to this article point, Why do women loves to wear heels? Well, it’s simple. Heels add height to women and therefore can make a woman look sexier and feel more confident. This is the risk that women are getting into for the sake of fashion. Gladly, today we now have women’s wedges to take over heels.

Advantage of Heels Aside from the obvious fact that heels can make you look taller, it can also make you look shapelier and sexier. It forces the back to arch, forcing the chest forward and the buttocks rearward. The legs also appear to be longer. In general, it enhances the female form very well and improves the way they look when they walk. Those who look taller and walk more confidently are more noticeable simply because of the model like swagger these shoes lend to the wearer.

Women’s Wedges Over Heels If you are a woman that is looking for the same benefits that heels can give you, then you might want to consider modern wedge shoes. Wedge shoes also give a boost in height without compromising comfort. When wearing heels, the weight on your foot is distributed to the front part of your feet. With the thin heels at the back, you are forced to balance your weight towards the front making it uncomfortable after a long period of time.

If you wear women’s wedges, the weight of your body is supported by the entire shoe. The risk of tripping is less and durability is generally greater overall. You can still look sexy and confident without worrying that you may fall should you lose your balance.

Versatility One clear benefit of wearing wedge shoes is its versatility. You can wear wedge shoes at the office and go partying afterwards without having the need to change. There are designs that can look professional and chic at the same time. Unlike heels, there is generally very little discomfort even after wearing them throughout the day. Go from a client meeting to a dinner date and still look fabulously fashionable and confident.

Great looks combined with usability and comfort makes women’s wedges a sure winner in the end. You’ll be surprised to find winter boots on wedges, bootie, sandals, peep toe, pump and even beach thong slippers. Typically, the sole itself is made from either rubber or wood based materials. These materials are slightly elastic, which improves comfort. Sexy versus comfortable has been redefined by shoe designers. And this has been proven with the creation of the modern women’s wedges.


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