Women’s Wedges: Shop women’s wedge shoes at Guess

Women just love shoes! Looking for a new pair of shoes is always fun and exciting. It is a very important fashion item. In fact, I don’t believe in the saying Diamonds are women’s best friend. Shoes are women’s best friend. But well, Well, can you say the same with high heeled shoes?

Sure, high heels are the way to go for fun nights at the club, fancy dinner date and formal weddings. They can also give you extra height and make you look sexier and edgier.But you simply cannot wear them for very long periods of time without torturing your poor feet. Thankfully, there is an alternative. Women’s wedges.

Women’s wedges can take you anywhere. With the diversity of materials and designs available on the market, selecting one that is both chic and comfortable is all too easy. There are distinct advantages that these shoes have over your regular high heels. Yes, heels are still the more fashionable accessory to any woman’s wardrobe and nothing can spell sexy better than a pair of high heel stilettos. But what wedge shoes lack in style, they more than make up for in comfort.

Because women’s wedges have a wide heel, it is the epitome of comfort without sacrificing style. The risk of tripping and getting stuck on something is reduced compared to high heeled shoes. The materials used for wedge heels vary from wood, cork, and leather. Canvas or rope wraps are also used to cover the heels for some casual styles. With the variations of designs, there is sure to be a right pair for you.

Women’s wedges are versatile and comfortable enough to warrant their use in just about any occasion outside of formal events. Designers generally create them for all four seasons. There are booties and pumps that you can wear at work or for a girl’s night out, peep toes for casual occasions, boots for winter and sandals for a relaxing Sunday morning.

If you are looking to make a statement with fabulous artistic feet adornment, check out some puzzle wedges from Guess. An ordinary patent pair of shoes is accentuated with maze like patterns and ribbons that go on the ankle. It is not too chunky because of the slim wedge which makes them the perfect choice for women that dislike the generic chunky look that most wedges have. Yes, Guess has come up with some not so conventional wedge designs lately. The cage wedge is made of knotted suede straps and architectural wood wedge. It is sexy, funky and comfortable. However, if you prefer simply yet classically chunky wedges, Guess has some simple wedges for you too. Thick soles and wide leather straps give it the classic wedge look.


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