How to Choose Guess Sweaters For Men

One of the best flattering garments that a man can wear is the sweater. A scrawny man will be given weight and on the other hand, it streamlines a large figure. Its main function is to keep you warm and adds a bit of style that can break your monotonous wearing of dress shirts and slacks in the workplace. The problem with men is that they don’t know the full potential of these sweaters and even less of them know how to take advantage of all styles and patterns available. Men’s sweater is one of the most functional and flattering clothes men could wear so in this article, we will guide you in buying the best men sweater. But first of all, you need to bear in mind that the best place to buy men’s sweater is at Guess. Guess sweaters is the best collection of sweater for men. The styles are incomparable and the quality is at its best. So when your buying your men’s sweater, better do it only at Guess.

Cashmere Sweaters

This type of sweater may cost hundreds of dollars on some designers (you can get it in a very reasonable price at Guess) but it is by far the best investment when it comes to sweaters. Cashmere is the highest quality available in sweaters and its high price is attributed to the fact that the long downy Kashmir goat hair is very scarce. This fabric is light and warm on the body and though you may be spending hundreds of dollars, you will feel like a million dollars when you wear them.

When buying cashmere sweaters, make sure that it fits you perfectly and you have the occasion of wearing it at least four times a year. Always go for the classic shade, simple and timeless and always buy from a reputable merchant since counterfeit sweaters aren’t really great investments. Take care of your cashmere sweater and you will be able to wear it at least 200 times in 10 years.

Wool Sweaters

This is the classic fabric, probably the oldest and most common quality there is. It is a traditional favorite when it comes to look and function. Wool fabric is great in retaining heat and has a fine hand to it. According to history, it’s a man’s favorite all over the world. The only downside with wool sweaters is that they need special care and handling since when wool gets wet, it loses 30% of its strength when soaked. It is very much susceptible to heat and rough handling, so do take note of that when purchasing one.

Cotton Sweaters

These sweaters are considered to be cooler than either their wool or their cashmere counterparts since their cellulose foundation sheds heat quicker. This isn’t really a bad thing because there will be times when you need a cooler sweater that can also be worn directly on the skin without risking irritation. The use of cotton fabric in sweaters has also helped drive down costs.

Synthetic Fabric Sweaters

In order to cut down on costs, sweater manufacturers have created sweaters using synthetic fabrics. Depending on the type of fabric being used, a synthetic fabric sweater can mimic the properties of wool or cotton, oftentimes without the problems of having to take special care of the garments when it comes to washing and handling. The catch here is that the quality of fabric will in most cases be lower than its wool or cashmere fiber counterpart.

Blended Fabric Sweaters

Most of the time when shopping for men’s sweater, you will encounter a sweater made with two or more fabrics. Manufacturers do this in order to lower production costs and save money, to increase performance and desired performance properties. Blended fabrics are often seen in Cashmere sweaters as a company can call their sweater a “cashmere” sweater even if the large portion of the fabric is made from less expensive wool or synthetic fibers. This isn’t bad or good, it’s just a case where the customer should learn to read the labels and understand that most of the times you get what you pay for.

Guess sweaters are the best sweaters in the market, it had been available for quite some time now and had established its name in the fashion world. So if you want to buy men’s sweater, shop at Guess only.


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