Guess Sweaters – Choosing What To Buy

Men, like women, have become more innovative and stylish when it comes to their fashion identity and casual statement. Proofs to this are men’s sweaters available in the market which are customized to be more than just a protection gear against cold and winter. And if you are looking to buy sweaters, then Guess sweaters is the brand for you. Guess is a very popular clothing brand and thus you can choose on their great collection of men’s sweater. Let me further help you on how to choose the right sweater for you.

First, let’s talk about the types of sweater you can buy at Guess”

1. The Turtleneck – A sweater with a high neck will keep your neck and upper body warm. This type of sweater will make you look very cool. You can also match this with a suede jacket or a corduroy blazer as the outfit, which will make you extremely stylish.

2. The Crew-Neck – This is an all weather-style of sweater and you don’t have to necessary wear this in the winter. You can wear thinner crew neck sweater in warmer months and thicker ones during winter. This type of sweater looks extremely good together with a cardigan.

3. The V-Neck – This type of sweater has a collar that shaped like a V. Hence the name V-Neck. It’s a bit informal fashion choice. It’s easy to match this type of sweater together with a good pair of jeans or pants.

4. Sweater Vest – It can be quite difficult to get this type of sweater to look good, and it’s probably more suitable for those who are more well built. But nevertheless, this type of sweater will create a good combination with a pair dressy pants.

Now let’s talk about the colors to choose, generally it is easier to mix and match with your other outfit with a darker color sweater like gray or dark gray. But it doesn’t mean that you should get a gray color sweater, but it’s a good color to start. If you are a bit daring, you can also go for sweaters with a brighter color like red or dark blue. Whether you want to dress up or dress down, you probably can’t go wrong with a darker color sweater.

There are few clothing items like men’s sweaters that have the ability to buck rapidly changing fashion trends. So if you are not so sure for what to choose, the best way to go about it is to check out contemporary magazines on fashion trends in men’s clothing. That will help you pick up the colors as well as designs currently hot and in the news. You can also look at the collections rolled out by the major brands such as Guess, to get an idea of what they feel would sell well. And lastly, you should whatever sweater you would get, get it at Guess. Guess sweaters are the best on the market.


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