Men’s Bags for Work

A work bag is what we bring to the office or our workplace wherever it may be, women and men have them. But today, men are really giving their work bags a thought. Men’s bags are truly changing and men are looking at them in a different way as well.

So the laptop bag, briefcase or attaché case, portfolio bag or any other variation thereof which carries things and is referred to as a workbag, is also a style accessory. Gasp! Was that a surprise? It’s just a bag right? Not necessarily, men today are somehow thinking like women and have discovered the additional wonders of these useful tools.

men’s bags aren’t just used for work or to carry items, it is a part of his overall attire and it also communicates his personal style. A work bag is an item without a mouth but says a lot about what a person is like, what he does, and where he’s going.

So what should a man carry for work? Think of men’s bags as a fashion staple and add the concept of it as an object of need and function. It may cost you a bit in the future and you may be expected to go the distance both in durability and style.

Never ever use any sort of backpack hybrids – they make you look like a hitchhiker, a student or a mountain trekker. Also, stay away from the messenger bag unless you work in a very casual environment. You don’t have to worry since there are briefcases out there that have removable straps which you can wear like a messenger bag and goes better with the suit.

Choose a briefcase that doesn’t have a stiff rectangular shape, today’s briefcases are made out of durable leather that doesn’t necessarily have the boxy shape and looks absolutely gorgeous.

Aluminum briefcases should also be left to drug smugglers and terrorists unless that’s your job.

Bags that have corporate logos will make people think you got it for free, which is good on the budget but best be left to Salvation Army. Keep away from designer bags with logos all over them, you only need their logo once on the bag, people don’t have to be reminded a hundred times that it’s from a certain store.

Ideal bags are those with soft leather in black or brown with two minimum compartments to place your laptop and paperwork. A lock and removable shoulder strap is important. Look for easy access compartments for my cell phone, business cards, and pens.


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