Men’s Eyewear Shopping Tips on Frame Styles

Men with not so perfect vision may find it overwhelming to just come in an eyeglass store and see multiple shelves of frames and glasses. Where does a man begin and what’s the best deal here? Right, we want to get the best deals and which glasses would stick with us the longest.

The modern man, when buying a pair of Men’s eyewear should only know a few things such as eyewear styles and innovation. Let’s look at what makes a great Men’s eyewear worth keeping.

Frame Styles

This is the core of the eyeglass style and will also define how you would look when you wear it. There are several styles and they are as follows:

• Full Rim

This is the most common eyewear out there. It completely encircles the lens, an arrangement allows for a variety of classic shapes such as oval, circle, teardrop, and rectangle and so on. It offers a wide range of structural choices – everything from the style of the nose bridge to the design and fit of the temples (the side pieces of the glasses that rest on the ears)

• Semi-rimless

This one only covers the half of the lens. A wire or screw is the connecting the lens to the temples. Semi-rimless frames are slightly lighter, around medium weight.

• Horn-rimmed

This is a very classic frame and the reason why it’s called horn-rimmed is because it was traditionally made from horn or shell. It is a simple frame which is heavy and oftentimes dark plastic frames with rectangular frame fronts.

• Brow-bar

This has been a default men’s frame for ages. It is quite similar to the full-rims but the only difference is that it sports a brow bar or a double bridge above the nose bridge to connect the top of the frame fronts.

When choosing your frame, you should not be shy to try it one before purchasing it. Go ahead and take the frame in front of the mirror. Put them on to see if you look good in it. Also, don’t forget to note if you are comfortable wearing it. Some frames are too heavy to be worn and if that is an issue with you then try lighter ones. There are materials that are heavy and some are light so you can have the same frame with different weight. Always go for the classic frames because they are easier to match with outfits.


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