Men’s Denim: Shop the latest looks, styles and trends At Guess

Denim Jeans have been a popular item of clothing for all ages for many decades now (especially for men, because women doesn’t wear jeans a few decades ago), ever since they were first invented jeans have been a key item in the world of fashion and everyday wear. Over the years jeans have gone through a whole host of design changes and style variations: boot cut, stone washed, ripped and many more. There are literary a type of jeans for every type of people. Nowadays, there are hundreds of brands of jeans, all offering their take on what the perfect range of jeans should be. But for me, Guess still owns the top spot for Men’s denim jeans.

Guess is a widely popular clothing line not only in its home country of United States but also all over the world. The company uses its distinctive question mark as an emblem, placed within a trademark inverted triangle. Guess denim jeans are popular because of the very great quality of the jeans and the styles they have to offer such as vintage denim, ripped jeans, skinny jeans and many more.

The company was founded by the four Marciano brothers: Maurice, Georges, Armand, and Paul. Born in Algeria, the Marcianos were commonly believed to have grown up in southern France, getting influenced mostly by the region’s style and culture. In 1977 the brothers moved to California, and it was in 1981 when the Guess Company was founded. (The brothers’ capital was actually provided by the Nakash family, who owns the Jordache denim empire.). Initially, many stores were hesitant to carry the company’s denim jeans (which were characteristically “stone washed”). However in December of the same year, Georges Marciano was able to convince Bloomingdale’s to carry twenty-four pairs, which quickly sold out and the rest is history. Over the years, Guess has weathered some rough spots to attain its current standing in the market as the top player in the fashion industry, especially in men’s denim jeans.

So shop the latest looks, styles and trends in Men’s Denim today! And shop only at Guess. Guess makes a row of great looking jeans for men. These jeans are all styled in a way that is attractive and trend setting. So you wouldn’t make a mistake when you shop at Guess. Some of my personal favorite are the Guess felcon jean and the desmond jean. The Guess Felcon jean is fit in a low rise with a slim fit; it has a boot leg cut and is washed in a Britain style. The Desmond jean in Page wash is another fantastic choice. It is a low rise jean with a relaxed fit and straight leg. The page wash gives it the ultimate comfortable look and design.


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