Fashionable Men’s Eyewear Today

There has been a need for men’s eyewear recently. So whether you want to use it for style, for blocking the sun or for simply looking like a geek, men’s eyewear is a must have fashion item for all men. Men’s eyewear has taken quite a transformation and there are thousands of styles that one can choose from, to make them look better or sexier!

Fashionable men’s eyewear comes in different styles and materials where versatility and durability vary greatly.

Plastic Framed Eyewear

Remember Austin Powers, that naughty spy? Well, aside from his retro look, he’s also famous for wearing eyeglasses that became quite popular after the movie was shown. His were plastic framed glasses with thick black rectangular shape.

The great thing about plastic frames is that it can pretty much take on any shape and also color. It could be a simple brown or black or a flamboyant purple or pink and there other popular shades for plastic frames. There are also transparent ones or like tortoise shell and even crystallized frames. There are also two-toned plastic frames where men can get away with it with flying colors!

Plastic frames are durable just like frames made with metal.

If there’s a designer eyewear that has a lot of designs then you can turn to Gucci, they have amazing plastic eyewear selection for men.

Rimless Glasses

If you want flexible glasses then you better take a look at rimless glasses, especially if they were made by eyewear manufacturer Silhouette. Rimless glasses literally forego having rims, the arms and bridge are directly hinged to the lens in order to hold the glasses together. They are not as fragile as they look and they are also ultra lightweight that you even forget you are wearing glasses!

Wire Framed Eyewear

This is a timeless beauty when it comes to Men’s eyewear. It will always have classic look but they also look a bit plain, which is also good if that is what you are looking for. Its color can go from silver to black and gold to black and the great thing here is that you can never go wrong with a pair of these. Some men can wear them and instead of looking all geeky, they look all sexy! Choose a great style, you can combine it with the rimless style by getting a pair that are rimless only at the bottom half.

Men’s eyewear have been avoided a few decades back since most people think it’s only for geeks and nerds. But today, men who want to add extra style and hotness on their outfit appeal to get their eyewear every time they go out.


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